The Best Gift Ever for Your Family

Bring Santa's Love Alive for Your Children

"How Angelina Changed Christmas"

A simple idea on Christmas Eve sets the stage for something that creates a whole new tradition for Angelina’s family. It all starts as nine-year-old Angelina writes her letter to Santa, telling him to be safe and asking him to give the reindeer a big hug. What she does next is a small step that has very big results for her, her family, and maybe families around the world. And it is exactly How Angelina Changed Christmas.

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Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You is a gift to be given by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone who appreciates the value of encouraging children and creating family memories.

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The Parent’s Guide makes it practical and easy for you to write a letter to your special child or children on behalf of Santa and capture Santa’s magic. It’s also filled with ideas and activities for making the holidays a special family season.

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My Letters from Santa is a handsome and sturdy journal-like volume with blank pages where Santa’s letters will be written. It becomes a true legacy; a precious history of your child’s growth and learning and a roadmap for how they were supported in establishing solid, positive life values.

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Days Until Christmas!

What is Heartfelt Letters from Santa?

HEARTFELT LETTERS FROM SANTA TO YOU is a Finalist in the Foreword Book of the Year Awards!

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Once Upon a Time…

… families came together on Christmas. The spirit of the season diminished differences and dissolved disagreements. The love and joy of the holiday were palpable and reminded us that nothing is more important than family.

Today it’s too easy to be overcome by the holiday hustle and bustle. For many, Christmas morning has turned into an obligation: Impersonal presents are quickly opened, then kids and parents rush off in different directions. Or the youngsters bury themselves for hours in the latest video game.

That’s why Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You is the best family Christmas gift ever!

It re-establishes Christmas as a time for family togetherness. It gives children – of any age – a reason to stop… and share special moments with parents and siblings. It creates a tradition of special family sharing that starts with the first Christmas you use it and builds with every passing year.

Imagine you and your family sipping cocoa by a crackling fire as the children excitedly read what Santa has written them. Envision their amazement as Santa praises them for deeds they thought no one even knew about. And visualize their thoughtfulness as Santa, in a loving way, offers suggestions for improving behavior.

If your children are toddler-age, now’s the perfect time to start. They’ll be thrilled to see what Santa said about them when they were babies. If they’re school age and still mesmerized by Santa’s magic, reading their letter will be a touching moment to remember. And if they’re older and know where the letters really came from, they will still be touched by the thought – no matter how “cool” they try to act. And their book of letters will become treasures for your children to read and re-read, maybe with families of their own, as they grow into adults.

The parent’s guide in this two-book set shows you how to produce the perfect letters and bring the spirit of the season alive for your family this year. The children’s journal will keep the magic alive every Christmas. The set is designed for creating happy Christmas mornings your family can enjoy happily ever after.

Note to grandparents, other relatives, or friends who plan to give this as a gift:

We encourage you to let the recipient adults know what this is beforehand so they can surprise their children on Christmas morning, either with a letter from Santa written in the children’s book, or by hiding the parent's volume to preserve the surprise for next Christmas.

A Note from Veronica Steck

Hello everyone,

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting our website. While the obvious theme is Christmas, I want to share with you that, for me, the underlying spirit of what we’re doing is about family.

My husband and I are very proud of our three wonderful children— and they have taught us a lot. Much of what we have learned from them is about loving (which we have found is not always just hugging and holding). Most of all, we continually discover with them the joys of being a family.

This website is dedicated to all people who believe, as we do, that family is the foundation of our society and at the heart of what makes us strong. It is for anyone who wants to strengthen the bonds of family. That goes beyond moms, dads and kids, to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and anyone you have embraced as part of your living family.

I sincerely hope the ideas and products you discover here really help you find ways to create a legacy of loving and support the values your children can stand on throughout their lives. They are all designed to assist you in building and adding to your loving family experience.

Please enjoy your visit with us, and come back often to discover what’s new.

With all the loving of the season,