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Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You
An elegant two-book set

Everything you need to create a legacy of loving and a new family Christmas tradition in one package. The perfect gift for your family or a family you love.

Each Set contains:

  • The Parent’s Guide to make it easy and practical for parents to write meaningful, encouraging and instructive values-filled letters to their children each year. It provides you with excellent ideas, key phrases, and topic areas to consider. It clearly assists you in writing heartfelt letters your child – and the whole family – will love. The guide also contains ideas for fun family holiday activities.
  • The Journal where Santa writes his letters each year.
  • Slipjacket around the books, making the set an attractive, elegant, and festive package.

This is a gift for families with children of any age.

  • A wonderful place to capture memories of your child’s infant and toddler years. Imagine your child’s delight as she or he grows and discovers that Santa has been writing to them since they were born!
  • Highly effective for praising children on their strengths and encouraging children in more positive behaviors as they move through their childhood years.
  • A unique way to communicate thoughts and ideas to teens and older children even after they forget how real Santa can be. It allows parents to open doors with their children that sometimes close as kids move into testing and expressing behavioral boundaries. Santa can say things to your kids that you might not be able to – even if your kids know who is actually writing the words.

As the years pass, the book with these letters will grow more and more precious. It will be a chronicle of years past, and a guide for years to come.


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How Angelina Changed Christmas

A simple idea on Christmas Eve sets the stage for something that creates a whole new tradition for Angelina’s family. It all starts as nine-year-old Angelina writes her letter to Santa, telling him to be safe and asking him to give the reindeer a big hug. What she does next is a small step that has very big results for her, her family, and maybe families around the world. And it is exactly How Angelina Changed Christmas.
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The Set

The two-book set, wrapped in a festive slipjacket, contains one Parent's Guide and one Child's Journal. A warm message on the back of the slipjacket explains to recipients of the gift inside. No matter how many children in a family, it is recommended to always start with the set, then add additional journals for each child.
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The Child's Journal

This is where the special letters from Santa are written. The book is discovered under the tree the first year, then placed out for Santa by the child in subsequent years. On Christmas morning the whole family gathers to find out what Santa has written to each child. Single journals are offered so each child has their own special book.
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My Heartfelt Letters to Santa Through the Years

My Heartfelt Letters to Santa shows children, as young as 3, 4 or 5 and as old as teenage, that there are better ways of writing to Santa than just sending a laundry list of things they want. It is a how-to guide written in language easy for young minds to grasp, yet it shares concepts that are valuable to letter writers of any age. 
Coming in September