About Veronica

V  eronica Steck is what might be described as the epitome of a modern   American woman. She is the devoted mother of 3 healthy, happy children, and is active in both church and her children’s schools.

A native Texan now living in Missouri, she partners with her husband in their financial advisory practice, helping families build a solid fiscal foundation for the future. She is also the founder of Heartfelt Family Traditions and President of St. Nick’s Publishing, and the creative force behind the books and products that promote strengthening positive values and loving family bonds.

Her greatest love is spending time with her family and attending the kids’ sporting events and activities. And, of course, writing books to enhance the loving experience of family, and composing letters to her children every year on behalf of Santa.

When she is not taking care of her family, attending school and church functions, writing, or ghostwriting for Santa, Veronica trains for and runs marathons – one of the few activities in which she consistently stays ahead of her family.