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Review | Heartfelt Letters from Santa

‘Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You’ by Veronica Steck is a much needed book for parents and children. As a Psychiatrist, it is all too often that I see parents caught up in the whirl of life and with all good intent they tell their children what they are doing wrong, but forget or don’t realize that children (and even we adults) need to hear on a regular basis what we are doing right.She not only provides a regular format for parents to do that, but even gives a lot of helpful suggestions as to what can and should be said. I hope it will inspire parents not only to do this for their kids at Christmas but to make it a frequent habit throughout the year. Having a written documentation makes it all the more special as a keepsake for the rest of their lives.

by Judy Cook, M.D., Psychiatrist, Author of ‘To Die or Not to Die, Ten Tricks to Getting Better Medical Care’.

Review | Heartfelt Letters from Santa

Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You is an excellent book set and one that will build traditions for your family for years to come.

Around this time of the year, I’m sure Santa is inundated with letters from impatient excited kids around the world. All of their tiny wants and wishes are spelled out in sloppy handwriting, complete with backwards s’s and capital letters throughout. While I’m not sure where this tradition comes from, children seem to love being able to “talk” to Santa before the big day. But what if Santa could talk back? Wouldn’t it be awesome if children could actually read Santa’s own writing and hear his thoughts about their year?

Enter Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You by Veronica Christine Steck, a complete book set that allows parents to create letters from Santa for their children. Simply put, it gives Santa an authentic voice and special bond with your child.

The book set (a set of 2) comes with a journal, filled with blank pages with the heading, “My letters from Santa,” as well as a parent’s guide to creating Santa’s letters. The instruction guide offers two ways in which the Letters from Santa can be implemented: 1) The guide offers the option of introducing the journal on Christmas Eve. The parent can easily explain that the journal is to be left out for Santa to a letter to them, which they will receive upon waking on Christmas morning. The second option (and author’s favorite) involves surprising the child on Christmas morning with a heartfelt letter from Santa already written in the book! How neat is that?! The best part, however, is that on Christmas morning, everyone gets to gather around and read aloud the letters written by Santa, for the entire family to hear. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be my daughter’s absolute favorite part. The journal allows for the letters to be kept together and in one place for years and years to come, while the parent’s guide offers a special section for parents to jot down significant events throughout the year. This book set is definitely designed to grow with the child (and the family) over time and through the years.

Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You is an excellent book set and one that will build traditions for your family for years to come.


Review | Heartfelt Letters from Santa

I really like this idea and will definitely have to remember it for when I have children of my own...

Heartfelt Letters from Santa by Veronica Christine Steck and the accompanying My Letters from Santa Through the Years is a very neat non-fiction book about beginning the tradition of Santa replying to your child’s letter to him.

Now yes, if you send a letter to Santa in the mail you usually get a reply (at least you do where I live) but they are fairly generic and can only really make reference to what the child wrote in their own letter. Through this book, Veronica Steck has outlined a way to let your child(ren) receive a personalized and sincere letter back from Santa. She talks about how to introduce the concept to your child(ren) and then provides samples of that very first letter from Santa and sample sentences to get you started, from praise, accomplishments, spirituality, family, encouragement and everything in between. She even provides ideas for gentle reminders and ideas for how to “be good” in the upcoming year.

The back of the book is a journal of sorts for parents to keep track of significant moments during the year that they can then make mention of in the letter from Santa, while the accompanying book is where the letters will be actually written – a book from Santa, just for this purpose. The layout of the book is done very well, and is quite easy to comprehend and follow. I love the samples she gives, as I am a person who always struggles to get voice and tone when trying to write as someone else. She even talks about how to word your letters for different age groups, and growing up as Santa along with the child(ren).

I really like this idea and will definitely have to remember it for when I have children of my own. It’s a small tradition, but one that can be very significant for a child. I know I always loved those generic letters from Santa. I personal one would be so much more exciting.


Review | Heartfelt Letters from Santa

This is a tremendous idea! I wish I’d had something like this for my kids – but I’m definitely getting it for my nieces & nephews. Won’t it be wonderful?

Concerned that you won’t know what to write? Don’t worry – there are instructions and sample letters included to make sure Santa’s letters are sure to please!

By Hott Books

I think this set of books is a wonderful gift idea for any parent. It’s a way of not only having a keepsake of all those precious holiday moments, but gives ideas and recommendations on how to make the best of each letter as well. It explains that there’s more to it than just writing a letter and details each process, step by step. I think this is such an adorable idea. And it truly allows you to bring the lessons you want your children to learn, out of just the holidays. It helps keep their minds focused on being a good person year round. All in all I think this is such a good idea.

by Kana Kennedy

This 2-book Set Actually Gave Me Hope

I grew up in a time when people interacted. Families sat down for dinner -- if not every night, at least several times a week. And we talked to each other rather than texted or lost ourselves in a video game. Those days seemed long gone. And then I heard about this book set.

One book is an engaging instruction book for parents that guides them through a simple process for creating letters from Santa to their children. It makes it easy to write real letters, relating specific events from the year that were meaningful to the kids. Letters with both genuine praise for things well done and gentle and loving course corrections that kids might not hear from parents, but they just might take from Santa. It actually has helpful hints for capturing important life experiences so you don't have to wrack your brain at Christmastime trying to remember what to write.

The other book is a beautiful and sturdy journal the kids put out on Christmas Eve for Santa to write his letter in each year.

I caught the vision. I saw this as a way of creating a treasured family tradition. I could literally see, in my imagination, everyone gathering around the Christmas tree and children -- of any age -- eagerly sharing their Santa letter with the family (even if they were older kids and knew where the letter actually came from).

This book set is a great idea! I hope it catches on. I think encouraging loving in families can help cure a lot of the ills we face today. And I think these books will bring a very special kind of joy to families that can last the whole year through -- and for years and years and years to come.

By Laren Bright

What a clever idea!

The idea of creating family memories appeals to me and I love the elegant, traditional look of the book covers, but at first I was confused as to why there were two books in the set. Now that I've received my set, I see that one book is for me, (grandma) to figure out *how* to write the 'letters from Santa' and the other book is the beautiful journal in which to write the letters, paste photos, ect.

I think this book set is well constructed and good value for the money. I will buy another set to give to my niece and nephew who are expecting a Christmas baby.

By Satchel Bernardin

A very cute idea but be sure to buy one per child

As usual I received this book via a giveaway and thus didn't pay anything for it. This time it was through a LibraryThing member drawing. Despite that kind consideration I give my candid opinions below.

The idea of this set is simple but really cute. One book is blank and intended to be left out for Santa each year along with the usual milk and cookies. After the kiddies all go to bed, when Santa arrives he'll take a few moments to write to the family while he's having his snack. If Santa happens to need some ideas or inspiration for what to write about, that's what the other book's for.

On the whole I found this set very well thought out. It makes suggestions about what to write about and also what NOT to write about and is just a nice tightly-knit little kit. I would observe, however, that the target children for this will be (ok, this is rather obvious now that I start to write it) very, very young. Probably best to start this out with their first Christmas rather than trying to introduce it when they're 8. Also worth noting that parents might want to plan ahead as you only have so much time to write.

In summary, a very cute idea that I wish we'd had when our children were much younger. They'd love it. Oh, and the author suggests having one per child. This is probably something good to know as you're buying it. She states rightly enough that it'll be a family keepsake that they'll both want once they get older. So perhaps just make it easy on them and buy 2-3 at a go.

By Rob Slaven

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