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Q & A with Santa Claus

In case your children, like mine, come up with those “interesting” questions, here are some answers Santa himself gave to me. (And, of course, there are more questions and answers in my Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You Parent’s Guide.)

I’ve made these easy for you to print out – just in case.


Download as pdf.

Q & A with Santa Claus

How do you visit the whole world in just one night?

I stre-e-etch time.

Do you read every single letter kids write to you?

Yes, I love to read the letters kids write. I know they took time to write them during a very busy time of year. All children have GIGANTIC hearts and their kindness is displayed in their letters.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

# 1 Silent Night
#2  Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Do you ever get tired of cookies and milk?

My doctor would hope for a much different answer, but ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Most people count sheep, I count cookies when I have trouble sleeping.

How do reindeer fly?

Magic Dust is the key. I carry it with me every Christmas Eve. This is the same magic dust used to make My Letters from Santa books.

What are you doing when it’s not Christmastime?

I oversee the elves while they make presents. Check the naughty and nice list on my computer.  I sing in my church choir with Mrs. Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Mrs. Claus and I love going to movies, usually every Wednesday night.